Personal Websites


Personal websites are for sharing personal information only. There are many institutions online that offer the registration of personal websites for free, so it serves well for sharing personal photos and journal entries (more for family and friends to keep in contact), or a profile of yourself, which can be used as a CV, improving your odds for employment.

There are limitations to these websites that make them impractical for small business use, though. To start off, the URL (the link to the website) is not search engine friendly, because it would be something like, rather serving as a subdomain and not a dedicated domain name for your personal use. The capabilities of the server (where you upload files to and host your website on) are usually limited, and may not be sophisticated enough for more than a personal website. And sometimes these free website providers add unwanted links and advertisements to your website that are irrelevant and not related to your website, but provide a link back to theirs.

Examples of institutions that offer free personal websites is,,

How we can help

1438782064_advancedsettingsIf, however, you would like to have a unique domain name for your personal use (most likely your name and surname, e.g. we can help you with the registration and setup of such a website. You can choose whether we are to add content on your behalf (information that you provide) or whether you would like to add content yourself. A personal website usually includes a blog you can update about personal experiences in your own time, and we can help you set it up.


Examples of personal websites:


Please Note:
  • Once a product is advertised on your website, it becomes a business website, and is no longer all about personal information.
  • The example websites are not necessarily created by us, the links are for demonstration purposes only.