Business Websites

Business Websites include showcasing a product or service, promoting a community or organization, making available product-specific information (training), and e-commerce websites. If you do not have a product you’d like to market or sell online, consider setting up a Personal Website for your portfolio, CV or other aspect of your personal life.

Showcasing a product or service

brochure128The purpose of showcasing a product or service online is to more extensively provide information about your product/service to any potential customer. People are 80% more likely to purchase a product or hire a service that is explained and illustrated properly online, because it creates a more professional image of your product/service, and lets them feel you’re serious about what you do.
Read more about showcasing a product or service by setting up an Online Business Brochure or Catalog Website, and view examples

Promoting a community or organization

Panda_128Promoting a community or organization on a website can be classified in one of these groups:

  • Community Building Websites
  • Directory Listing Websites
  • Websites for non-profit organizations

Read more about what these websites contain and view examples here.

Informational Websites

information128Informational websites are great for sharing and/or selling information. Usually one or more contributors write new articles for the website or edit existing articles. Read more about how this works here.

E-commerce Websites

full_shopping_cart_128E-commerce websites have one single purpose: to present your product(s) to online customers in an easily accessible fashion. Customers can shop from the comfort of their own home and have their purchases delivered to them. Read more about E-commerce Websites and view examples here.