What we’re about

Javelin Media offers a complete online service to help customers get their business (big or small) on the Internet (the world wide web). Whether it is to be used as showcase for a shop or product, a complete online store, or just to explain to people the services and products you’re about, we have a solution.

Having a website for your business does not have to be an expensive option, and can prove profitable in time if managed correctly.

If you are not sure why or if a website is for you, please read our article on why have a website for your business.

Our services

Our services include the design of websites for those who wish to become part of the online world, or re-design of an existing website for better appearance, functionality and/or user friendliness. We cover the whole process from domain name registration and setup of domain email addresses to website design and maintenance, and if need be, the design of logos and banners for upcoming or established online businesses, and the photographing of products and/or services (conditions apply).

We also offer reliable Internet connectivity. And if you’re not in our direct vicinity, we can assist you in finding the most reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider) in your area.

Domain name registration & setup of domain email addresses

Domain name registration (e.g. .com; .net; .org; .co.za; etc.) or transfer

A domain name is a combination of letters and/or numbers that make up your website address. You need to register a domain name before you can submit any information regarding your business to the Internet or have it accessible to others. We help you find a suitable domain name for your website according to your needs or related to the product you wish to advertise and sell. Or, if you already have a domain registered and need us to maintain your website, we can transfer your domain to our reliable hosting servers and excellent backup service.
A domain name has a yearly fee.

Registration of sub-domains
A sub-domain is a domain that is part of a larger domain, for instance, if you have a domain name http://www.mybusiness.com, a sub-domain may be something like http://myproduct.mybusiness.com. It is a secondary domain name that the public can associate with your business.

Sub-domains allow you to divide your domain name (website) into sections or separate areas. You can use a sub-domain to structure your website, to build and promote different products individually as a complete online reference for each product.

For example: If you have a domain name www.stationery.com, sub-domains may include something like

OR, if you have a domain name called www.mydomain.com, sub-domain names may include something like

Each sub-domain is treated as an individual website, in other words it has its own index (landing) page, has unique content (related to the main domain), and is product-specific.

We submit each sub-domain legitimately to search directories, which is accepted because each sub-domain offers a specific focus and unique content, while maintaining a consistent theme.

Sub-domain names are sometimes harder to remember than the main domain name (your website address), but visitors can still navigate to the sub-domain from your homepage.

A sub-domain must have something to do with your original product.

It is not compulsory to register sub-domains, but our website statistics include statistics for sub-domains.

Domain Email Addresses

We also set up customer-specified domain email addresses. In other words, if your domain name is http://www.mydomain.com, email address may include something like admin@mydomain.com, or sales@mydomain.com, or info@mydomain.com, or myname@mydomain.com. The customer specifies all these email addresses, and we can set it up on your computer by request (contact us for details concerning this).

If you have an existing email address that you don’t want to stop using, we can reroute a new email account set up on your domain to your existing email address, which means any email you receive on your domain email address will automatically be sent to your existing email address, and you’ll receive it in your inbox just as you have been receiving your email all along.

Website hosting

Web hosting refers to uploading (publishing) a designed website to a server (or host – a computer that has a constant, high speed connection to the Internet, which makes its space available to clients), making it accessible via the World Wide Web (i.e. to people all over the world on the internet). It is a permanent online server that stores the physical files of your website.

We offer reliable and secure web hosting with excellent backup service.

We also offer the transfer of an existing website from other web hosts if need be. This is a fairly painless process, and you don’t have to do very much. Having your existing FTP username and password readily available will speed up the transfer process, as we will do a complete backup of your existing website for you, so that it can be placed on our servers. If you have a complete renewed look for your website in mind, we suggest the backup and transfer of your old website in anyway until the new one is ready to replace the old one on our servers. It is only fair to give a month’s cancellation notice to your existing web host, but do so after you have arranged the whole process with us to ensure things going smoothly.

Web design, re-design & maintenance

You can choose whether you would like to design and maintain your own website, or whether you’d like us to do it. And even if we initially design your website, we can train you how to maintain it later on (i.e. add content to your website).

Our website design service includes:

  • A customized theme (color and layout of the website) according to the need of the customer
  • Content management and submission of content provided by you
  • We also offer the writing and compiling of articles (content) for your website at a minimal fee per article
  • Photography and editing and placement of photos on the website (conditions apply), as well as photo gallery(ies)
  • Creation of a unique header and/or logo for the website if applicable
  • Compilation of various downloadable document formats (ZIP, HTM, PDF, DOC, DOCX, etc.)
  • Contact Form with CAPTCHA so that visitors to your website can contact you via Email
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Cross-browser friendly websites
      We work towards

      • Visual attraction
      • The looks of your website should be pleasing to the eye, and appropriate for your product/service, attracting visitors and giving them a pleasant experience, so that they will more thoroughly go through the content of your website, keeping them on your website as long as possible. When designing your website, we keep all this in mind.

      • Usability
      • It is easy to use and navigate through websites we create. Navigation is clear and easy to use, content is written in an easily understandable way. However involved a website may get to be, we keep them easily accessible. In other words, we steer clear of annoying pop-up windows and any other distractions that may cause frustration and the loss of a potential customer

      • Accessibility
      • Functionality
      • Practicality
  • Monthly backup of complete website and databases used by the website
  • On-site training to the client for self-maintenance of their own website (without any technical skills required) – conditions apply
      We show you how to add new articles of interest to your website so that the content can stay fresh
  • Website Page Statistics, which include those pages on the website mostly visited
  • Blogging system of which the client can decide whether or not to allow comments from readers
  • Site Search (an option that visitors can use to search your website for something specific)

Because every website is unique, it’s design and maintenance needs are unique. Contact us for a quote to design and/or maintain your website.

Extra options:

In addition to the default options we offer with domain registration, we also offer the following services:

  • Complete bilingual website (Afrikaans & English)
  • Translation of content (articles)
  • Online Polls & Surveys
  • Members access system
  • E-commerce system (separate or integrated with your website)
  • Internet Marketing through carefully targeted Internet advertising and link building strategy
  • Creation of Catalogues – for download in PDF format or to view online

How we work:

First we do a careful analysis of your business requirements. We lay before you the options that are suitable to your product/business, and then design your website according to your preference. Please read through the options for business websites to decide what you would like your website to be like.

Email Support:

Customers can contact us via Email with any requests or suggestions, and most material can be submitted to us via Email if need be. Lead time is 24 hours.

The biggest hold-up in getting a website up and running is delay on the customer’s side in providing content for their website. If you have information and photo’s readily available, the design process can go a lot smoother and quicker.

Pricing & Payment Options

Contact us for a quote on your personal and unique needs.

Domain name registration has an annual fee (you pay annually to reserve the right to your website name), as does hosting, but web-design is custom according to your needs.